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Tremble new curling soccer passion

For many, their logic is incomprehensible to the naked eye. For others, it's boring, and it may even seem comical. However, the curling is a sport that had its origins in the sixteenth century in Scotland and can be exciting definitions. It is one of the most attractive disciplines in the Winter Games in Sochi. Then the 10 keys to understand:

-Son team. Each has four.

-The goal is that it would be "isolated" in football, it is a stone of about 20 kilos, is positioned as close as possible to a "white".

- How the points are counted? The stone closest to the center point equals one if the following is the same team, score two points, and so on. Who makes more points wins.

- How long is the track? Is 45 meters long by 4.5 meters wide or 5

He made 16 pitches. Eight per team.

- What are the brushes you use? Increase or decrease the friction of the stone with ice. Influences the acceleration of the stone and its addressing. Currently, the brushes are composed of a tube of hollow carbon fiber

-The positions of the four members are: lead (or first), second (or second), third (or third), skip (en).

-The lead throws the first two stones. Then, sweep the stones from his colleagues. Generally is the one shooting easier, as there are no stones on the track. The second launches two stones and sweeps launches peers. Its release is more complicated as there are more rocks in play. The third or vice skip throws the fifth and sixth stone and sweep the first two players. He makes the move to skip and collaborates with it in my designing strategy runs. When the skip throws functions as guiding players this sweeping about the direction of the stone. The skip throws the last two stones. He is the captain and therefore, a priori, the key player on the team. It is who chooses the strategy recommended by the team. It is situated in the house during the launch of his colleagues to indicate close and to guide players that sweep over the direction of the stone.

-The strongest curling countries are Scotland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Russia.

-No age limit. A privileged physical is required. It arbitrators who hardly involved. Absolute respect for the opponent. There third time: the loser pays.

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