domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

Conoce un poco mas de Telegram

hola amigos hoy les enseñaremos un poco sobre este nuevo sistema de mensajeria que vienen a destronar a Whatsapp que al haber sido comprado por facebook hace poco tiempo va a empezar a tener caidas a diario.

 El nuevo sistema que viene ahora se llama Telegram que es un sistema creado por unos hermanos rusos .

 Lo mejor de Telegram es que tiene su aplicacion tambien para windows asi que tambien puede ser usado en computadores y recibir mensajes tambien en sus pc ademas este nuevo servicio de mensajeria podras crear grupo de conversacion con maximo de 200 personas con lo cual sobrepasa la creacion de grupos que habia  Whasapp.

  Telegram cada dia tiene mas clientes que estan cambiandose a su plataforma y dejando de lado a Whasapp lo mejor que tiene telegram es que es un software libre asi que apareceran muchas nuevas versiones creadas por nuevos usuarios que estaran experimentando con este nuevo servicio de mensajeria.

como ya ahy algunos que sacaron la version para android que podras descargar desde aca :

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Finland launches fluorescent reindeer to prevent accidents

Finland launches "fluorescent reindeer" to prevent traffic accidents

Rudolph and competent. The famous red-nosed reindeer, star of several Christmas songs could lose his title of world's most famous reindeer. Do your opponents? Reindeer antlers fluorescent.

These reindeer, yes, they are flesh and blood and can be found in Finland. Shepherds of Lapland are spraying their reindeer with reflective paint so that they are not overwhelmed by drivers in the dark of night. The special paint has been tested in his fur and horns, to see if it stays in adverse weather conditions, as reported by local television station YLE. "The spray is being tested in the fur, but can be even more effective in the horns, because they can be viewed from all sides," says Anne Ollila, president of the Association of Reindeer Herdsmen. The trial began last week in the district of Rovaniemi, the capital of the region of Lapland. There the association applied the spray in 20 reindeer antlers. The association expects the spray becomes so useful that they can use throughout the region and all the reindeer from the youngest to the oldest.

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lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

The ugly behind the beautiful Selena Niall

One Direction cup holders on Monday with the probable formation of a new and unexpected couple has revolutionized the fans of the two components. Both directioners as Selenators must be hallucinating images after several of his followers yesterday shared in social networks where you can see the two celebrities, family and Niall Horan reabilitada and sexy Selena Gomez enjoying accomplices and Funny London night. One Direction do not know to what extent they meet with the Texan, but in light of these new photographs apparently yes that bore some rapport. Gomez was spotted at the airport on Friday, but no one imagined that their destination was none other than the land of the boyband and to meet one of them. The British ambassador must have had and took the girl Sunday night for several venues in the capital. And said and done, they have been quick to jump the rumors about whether it was really a date or just hanging out because they maintain a beautiful friendship. One Direction waste no time, and if girls within much less. Valentine's Day news broke Horan breaking with model Barbara Palvin ex Bieber, while attempts at reconciliation with the Canadian, and are history and have taken a toll on Selena who recently sicneró with your followers. But the star has already found a shoulder to mourn their heartache and forget the young artist. Will there come a spark between the two pop stars? Now they are both single, so everything can be.

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Tremble new curling soccer passion

For many, their logic is incomprehensible to the naked eye. For others, it's boring, and it may even seem comical. However, the curling is a sport that had its origins in the sixteenth century in Scotland and can be exciting definitions. It is one of the most attractive disciplines in the Winter Games in Sochi. Then the 10 keys to understand:

-Son team. Each has four.

-The goal is that it would be "isolated" in football, it is a stone of about 20 kilos, is positioned as close as possible to a "white".

- How the points are counted? The stone closest to the center point equals one if the following is the same team, score two points, and so on. Who makes more points wins.

- How long is the track? Is 45 meters long by 4.5 meters wide or 5

He made 16 pitches. Eight per team.

- What are the brushes you use? Increase or decrease the friction of the stone with ice. Influences the acceleration of the stone and its addressing. Currently, the brushes are composed of a tube of hollow carbon fiber

-The positions of the four members are: lead (or first), second (or second), third (or third), skip (en).

-The lead throws the first two stones. Then, sweep the stones from his colleagues. Generally is the one shooting easier, as there are no stones on the track. The second launches two stones and sweeps launches peers. Its release is more complicated as there are more rocks in play. The third or vice skip throws the fifth and sixth stone and sweep the first two players. He makes the move to skip and collaborates with it in my designing strategy runs. When the skip throws functions as guiding players this sweeping about the direction of the stone. The skip throws the last two stones. He is the captain and therefore, a priori, the key player on the team. It is who chooses the strategy recommended by the team. It is situated in the house during the launch of his colleagues to indicate close and to guide players that sweep over the direction of the stone.

-The strongest curling countries are Scotland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Russia.

-No age limit. A privileged physical is required. It arbitrators who hardly involved. Absolute respect for the opponent. There third time: the loser pays.

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Giro Government: short dialogue with Iran and close the

Giro Government: short dialogue with Iran and closer ties with Israel

a substantial change in its foreign policy, the government of Cristina Kirchner cooled in recent weeks their relationship with Iran and, in return, strengthened ties with Israel, historic enemy of the regime in Tehran. This shimmy in the diplomatic strategy of the government has as a backdrop the court case by the AMIA bombing.

According trusted the NATION five top-level diplomats, the Foreign Ministry has suspended dialogue with Iran to no response from the government of Hassan Rohani to move forward with the memorandum of understanding for the AMIA case. Foreign Minister Hector Timerman even admitted that dialogue with Iran over the controversial deal stalled. The Palacio San Martin said that in fact this means that diplomatic messages until December quietly kept both countries were cut.

This climate of coldness could clearly see last Tuesday, when the charge d'affaires of Iran in Buenos Aires, Ahmad Reza Kheirmand offered at Hotel Alvear a treat by the National Day of his country: there was not a single government official . Just a few second-line diplomats from the Foreign Ministry came to the place and admitted so low that the dialogue between Buenos Aires and Tehran "is broken."

In parallel, Argentina handed new bridges with Israel, clearing the climate of tension which until recently existed between the two countries ago.

There are several concrete signs that the link has improved substantially. Among other signals, high-level political visits are planned, there will be tasks for cooperation on human rights, a bilateral dialogue on legal matters and negotiations that would be realized by the purchase of Israeli military aircraft from Argentina.

The gestures of the Casa Rosada to Israel and Iran are interpreted by analysts as a sign of the lack of a uniform and clear foreign policy.

"There are very good weather with Israel and we are much better than before," said an aide to the NATION Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman. The "better than before" parameter used by the official Palacio San Martín has to do with stress than a month and a half ago broke with Tel Aviv. This was when former Israeli Ambassador Itzhak Aviran Buenos Aires said that "the vast majority of perpetrators [of the AMIA bombing] is already in the Other World", and attributed this action to the State.

At that time the government demanded Israel to deliver any information you have about the attack and called Timerman's sayings Aviran of "extremely serious". Immediately, Tel Aviv diplomacy made to understand that expressions of Argentina Aviran ran a personal basis and explained that "are far from the spirit that prevails in the Israeli government."

An Israeli diplomatic source consulted by La Nacion said that both countries had to overcome the incident sparked by the words of Aviran and remarked: "Israel and Argentina and march together towards a new stage of rapprochement."

To overcome by that time, the 18th of March come to Buenos Aires an official weight of strong government of Benjamin Netanyahu. Not yet learned the name and position of the envoy from Tel Aviv, but he knows that will come to participate in the commemoration of the 22 years of the attack on the Israeli Embassy in Argentina, which will be one day after the actual date terrorist attack that occurred in 1992.

The official visit of Netanyahu will also address a meeting with officials of the administration of Cristina Kirchner, to review the progress of bilateral relations.


Moreover, Israeli diplomacy qualified sources said that in the context of discussions on the multilateral Foreign Ministry and the Foreign Ministry of Israel moved into a cooperation agreement aimed at improving the situation of people with disabilities.

In this case, it is an agreement embodied in the human rights policy of the two countries and this will be presented in various international forums, both in Geneva and in New York, according to reports.

At the same time, both countries are preparing to August a seminar on legal affairs, which will develop themes such as combating terrorism and money laundering. There will involve judges, lawyers, academics and journalists from both countries. It will be a key for the two countries to analyze the progress of the judicial investigation into the cause of the attack on the AMIA time.

At the same time, it is possible that there the controversial memo that Argentina signed with Iran and was harshly criticized not only for Tel Aviv, but also by the Jewish community of Argentina emerge as debate.

Moreover, in the midst of the new approach of Argentina and Israel, the Casa Rosada advanced in recent weeks in the details of an agreement for the purchase by the Argentina of 18 Israeli Kfir aircraft Block 60 multipurpose fighter.

The Defense Ministry would purchase the company Israel Aerospace Industries six Israeli aircraft equipped with "the latest technology". Meanwhile, the other 12 Kfir Block 60 would be assembled in Argentina, with assembly line and Israeli technicians.

"We are considering offering Israel, which seems quite reasonable and satisfactory to Argentina," he told La Nacion an outstanding source of the Casa Rosada, also admitted that diplomatic relations with Israel have improved substantially, and as a contrast, the link with Iran deteriorated.

Since January 2013 gave Tehran shows no progress in the ratification of the memorandum by the AMIA, the Argentine Parliament endorsed later that year by law. At the Foreign Ministry are still waiting for Iran reversal send a letter to the ratification of this agreement. Although the chances of that happening are "uncertain," admitted since the agreement was signed by the Iranian government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but a few months later came to power Rohani, who has a different political line. For now, the only concrete is striking turnaround of Argentina in its foreign policy.


Memorandum of Understanding The January 27, 2013, Timerman and his Iranian counterpart Salehi, Ethiopia announced an agreement to create a Truth Commission, no concrete progress, the agreement appears to be frozen ..

Image: what it means. The zigzag starts to look a registered trademark of the Government: the signs of economic orthodoxy now adds this significant diplomatic spin.

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viernes, 7 de febrero de 2014

Cell regeneration, the way to end baldness

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania say they have managed to use stem cells to treat hair loss. Still lacking a little, but a cure for baldness is getting closer.
Yeah, dude ... every time requires less
There is hope, wacky friends. Baldness, it seems, is reversible. Our experiments revealed that American scientists using stem cells can lead to the regeneration of missing or dead hair follicles, which involves the recovery and arrest hair loss. This has been tested in mice and now just need a step - create the appropriate number of stem cells capable of generating hair follicles - so this test is applicable to humans.
The key cells to reverse baldness in humans are the epithelium, the set of tissues that cover the surface of the human body. Still have not been able to juegos friv generate all the necessary cells, the achievement is not far. "This is the first time anyone has been able to generate a considerable amount of epithelial stem cells," said Xiaowei Xu, an associate professor of dermatology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Penn. These cells have several important uses: healing wounds, cosmetic care of the body and hair regeneration.
What Xu and his team is able to reprogram adult stem cells with characteristics of embryonic cells, turning them into epithelial stem cells. It is the first time I realize this can be either in mice or in humans, the researchers reported. At this testearse mice, occurred in the skin follicles thereof, thereby generating new hair. Of course, missing a step: getting regenerate a second friv game  type of stem cell (dermal papillae), but a matter of time until the process is applied to persons.
"We have solved a big problem, restitution of the epithelial component of the hair follicular. Now we must figure out how cells also generate dermal papillae cells ". The effort of physicians, to continue in that line, will surely bring fruits, and restore hope to millions of people worldwide.
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Paro cooperative transport injured driverUrug

The driver-collector wounded in the face belongs to the cooperative COETC Friday morning triggered the suspension of all day activities UCOT, COETC Raincoop and cooperatives.
The harmed driving a bus Line G circulating by Broker Garzón when he was approached by the offender. After the struggle ended up shot in the face, there were more injured.
Is admitted to the sanatorium Bank Insurance.
The head of the Republican Guard juegos friv Ppal Insp. Rovert Yroa informed the UNICOM in the early morning hours one provision of this unit arrested the man who made a prey to the driver of a ómbibus company COETC the line G who was wounded by the rapiñero and later transferred to hospital Saint Bois .
The author of the prey was immediately arrested by the friv game police, the offender was carrying a .22 caliber firearm.
Montevideo, Uruguay
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Funes Mori is nine targeted to strengthen Newell's

Newell's and began negotiations to bring former striker who now plays for River Benfica of Portugal. Today will be a decisive move as it closes the book passes in Argentine football.

Newell's need a center forward and is targeted Rogelio Gabriel Funes Mori. Initial negotiations by former Nine River, who currently plays for Benfica of Portugal, come with a wink of optimism and today will be a decisive day as it closes the book passes in Argentine football. Estudiantes de La Plata is also interested in the player, but it appears that the twin would favor offering entity Independence Park.

After the talks frustrated by Mauro Matos (eventually ended up in San Lorenzo), Newell's calibrated the look and after some research and recommendations, the spotlight fell firmly on Funes Mori. A young attacker (22 years) aroused great praise in his appearance in the first division and youth selections, including other breaks already had the eye of interested rojinegros on their backs.

A bit of Final tournament start, the leper has set David Trezeguet (with whom he shared campus in millionaire institution) as the main reference on offense and first alternative is the youth Ezequiel Ponce, 16. To cover this important gap, not to take unnecessary risk

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domingo, 2 de febrero de 2014

Gabriel Silva y su sueño de ser astronauta

Para Gabriel Silva correr al planeta y ser durante un momento un cosmonauta fue siempre un ensueño, que casi se hace ingenuidad el mes pasado, cuando fue seleccionado entre 80 mil componentes de todo el globo para participar en un auditorio lanzado por la cicatriz Axe a religiosa del éxito de su crema Apollo, para verificar un voladizo suborbital. Estudiante de ingeniería, de 19 años de perduración, Silva dijo a El Observador que no le importa no haber estado entre los cuatro ganadores del desafío, dado que la experimentación fue inexistente desde todo punto de vista. Este oriental que piensa concluir su estría de ingeniería en Uruguay para posteriormente actuar un posgrado en el frente –“para ser algún trayecto un cosmonauta ingeniero con opciones ciertas de cuidarse en la Nasa o en la Agencia Europea”– perla que desde chiquito quiere ajustar al clima a toda playa. “cuando vi la oferta por internet, me interesó en seguida y comencé a recubrir los recetarios para mando participar. Más delante creé mi rasgo, como ellos pedían, y luego me puse a acoger juramentos por Facebook, contactar amigos, etcétera”, explicó. En diciembre de 2013, viriles de todas partes del planeta compitieron para participar del perfeccionamiento astral en la llamada Academia Espacial Axe Apollo (Aasa, por sus siglas). La campaña se desarrolló simultáneamente en 75 países bajo el emblema Viaja un hombruno, vuelve un valiente. Gabriel Silva nota que el solo hecho de alucinar a Orlando (Florida) y a Cabo Cañaveral, cabo icónico en cuanto a impulso de responsabilidades esterales ahora valió el desvelo previo de obtener los compromisos. “armaron un camping pegado a la basa. Allí éramos 116 cualquieras, de todas partes del universo, conviviendo todo el trayecto, porque a los coordinadores les interesaba percatar más allá de las posturas físicas, importaba la guisa de marcharse con los demás que tenía cada uno de nosotros”. Una sucesión en Estados Unidos, las amenazas comenzaron el primer vencimiento, cuando los concursantes vivieron la madurez de resquilar a un nave espacial supersónico. “apenas llegados nos hicieron blandir a un Air Combat Usa, para sentir si podíamos conformarse la energía G. Fue inexistente, el automovilista hacía cabriolas constantemente, daba giros de 360 visos, para así ampliar gradualmente la protesta por la modificación de la gravitación y disimular las mismas categorías que tendría el viaje”, relató. Cuenta a más que el tercer trayecto fue peculiar, porque estuvo en una baga especialmente diseñada para testear cosmonautas. “en esa experimentación te dan un precepto algorítmico que tenés que exhumar sí o sí cuando salís de la máquina”. El oriental, que no se rinde en su avaricia de apartarse el ideal de zarpar al medio, dice que a más de la trascendental práctica, consiguió “un registro que me fue entregado en tirada por el mismísimo Buzz Aldrin, segundo varonil posteriormente de Amstrong en hollar la Luna, lo que fue un vencimiento cabalístico e notable para mí”.
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La nueva amiga de justin

Después de graduarse su analogía con la cantante Selena Gómez, Justin Bieber se rodeó de varias damiselas con las que terminó en aprietos, prístino en su tranco por Brasil y ya en las tierras de Miami, adonde fue entubado por jalar una picada alcoholizado. Bieber, de 19 años, fue empaquetado en la amanecida del jueves pasado por transcurrir una picada alcoholizado en las vías de South Beach, en Miami. Pero el cantante pop no estaba único a lado de su Lamborghini ictérico: lo acompañaba una tipo de 21 citación Chantel Jeffries, que tiene un vademécum alto al aparte en lo emocionante. La prototipo se define como una "experta en cejas" en su rasgo de Twitter y es predominante no únicamente por ser sexy y emprendedora, sino porque en 2011 fue arrestada por fastidiar en le brazo a una compañera, informó el lugar sajón Daily Mail. Lo que es más, la morocha es conocida por sus virtuosismos amatorias, dado que salió con el hijuelo del popular rapero P. Diddy y incluso con un amigo íntimo de Bieber, Lil Twist.

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Como avanza el nuevo Caribbean Football Union en Saint-Barth

El amo del Chelsea, Roman Abramovich, está trabajando con la Unión de Fútbol del Caribe con el coronamiento de financiar un desafío internacional en junio en Saint-barthélemy. Compañeros de utillajes No-fifa Sint Maarten y la vecina Saint-martin han revelado su provecho en retozar adjunto con un haz de jurados de la Fifa con el conjunto de hechos que será pegado por la Unión de Fútbol del Caribe. Abramovich tiene hacienda en el típico ente francesa en el foráneo y a posteriori de acudir con el gobierno nacional y la Asociación de Fútbol acordó desembolsar para un combate que tendrá sitio durante la primera semana de junio. El 50° macho más rico ahora ha financiado la erección de un ruedo y pleitear a los grupos de vivienda en Saint-jean, en el ideal de la ínsula, lo que permitió que el personal franquista de Saint-barthélemy apostar un partido en habitación por primera ocasión en 2012 contra Guadalupe . Abramovich pagó por un combate comparable para los clubes el año pasado y además aportación a procurar los preparadores para mejorar el fútbol en la ínsula, adonde se encuentra a poco más de 9.000 cabezas. Nueva gestión Conifa no Fifa han declarado apuntes para dedicar manta en línea, en conjunto con el Ufc, del certamen.

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sábado, 1 de febrero de 2014

AMD mantle hace temblar a sony

Si había poco que diferenciaba a los pernios satisfechos por computador, y poco que me ha cumplido pillar más de un disgusto como aquí podéis percibir, es que asiduamente, los solaces de consola estaban mejor optimizados. La suavidad de los sistemas operativos de consola, y la desenvoltura que da proyectar para una sola maquinaria es parte de esa conciencia, no obstante además que es más legible lograr al poder puro de estas e hasta ejecutar que el reglamento del ocio se comunique sin rodeos con la maquina en si, con suficiente astucia, contraseña y capitales. En coordinador, no se puede consentir a ámbitos tan optimizados y adicionalmente de estabilizar con todo lo que el estilo hace aparte de conjuntos, siempre pasamos por hábitats intermedios como el Directx de Microsoft. Amd Mantle, permite descartar de los ámbitos más comunes o Apis de florecimiento, como son Directx Y Opengl y facilita una información directa con la felicitación gráfica, multiplicando su competencia y explotando su potencial al 100%. Programar un jugueteo a través de Amd Mantle permite que se puedan efectuar aun 9 sucesiones más transacciones de perceptible por segundo que incluso el tiempo, esto representa que el chip principal quedara asaz perdonado de trajín, siendo desconcertante que se sature, permitiendo aparecer a la gráfica con el pedal a meollo. Con Amd Mantle, un jugueteo de Pc podrá enseñar cómodamente esa jugosa optimización y tarifa de alegorías por segundo solida y sin parones, que siempre hemos disfrutado en los extraordinarios pesadumbres de consola. Amd Mantle no solo estará habitable para cualquier maquinaria, sino para cualquier método, funcionando en Windows, Linux y Macos. Y prometen que le sacara el arrope inclusive al ultimo fuego y origen de nuestro semiconductor de 8 asuntos y 64 bits, se acabaron los ports cutres que despiertan la cólera. Para principiar a lo grande, inmediatamente han comentado que Battlefield 4 y su motor Frostbite 3 podrán ejecutarse nativamente en Amd Mantle, demostrando con la maravilla de la orla de Electronic Arts, incluso que paraje pueden pegar con resolución. Si un jugueteo de esa trascendencia funciona infinitamente mejor con Amd Mantle que con Directx o Opengl, punto Microsoft como Nvidia han de preocuparse y mucho.

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Cuba esta manejando hasta las ONG de derechos humanos

A través de cientos de Ong increíbles y de otras tantas prudentes por el Estado, el mando de Raúl Castro ha alcanzado "cizañar" un reporte de Naciones Unidas. Las ofensas de contrarios se recrudecieron durante la Cumbre de la Celac Cuando además continúan las importancias por la Cumbre de la Celac celebrada en Cuba, un informe de la Ong Un Watch, dedicada a supervisar la cultivo de las Naciones Unidas, denunció "un desaire a gran gradación" en el informe sobre la ubicación de los derechos compasivos en la ínsula. Un régimen que es tenaz con los contrarios, con un sistema penal cuestionado por sus duras amarguras y sacrificios, adonde rige un método de partido único y existe un rígido amordazamiento de la prensadora contrincante ha conseguido que el informe sobre los derechos justos en la ínsula resulte más que conveniente. De acuerdo con Un Watch, el examen de los derechos benévolos en Cuba fue verificado por las Naciones Unidas en su reporte a través de un sistema que se realiza de apariencia automática cada cuatro años seducido Examen Periódico Universal (Upr, por sus monogramas en inglés), que el gabinete cubano parece haber andado de guisa significativa.

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Decomisan 91 kilos de marihuana

Misiones. Un total de 91 kilogramos de mariguana fue decomisado por Prefectura Naval Argentina, que detuvo a un varonil, en Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, informaron antes cunas del Ministerio de Seguridad de la Nación. El eficaz se realizó antenoche cuando una pareja de Prefectura que rastrillaba la sectora de orilla en preparación del yerro detectó un batel que se aproximaba a la orilla argentina desde la República del Paraguay, a la altitud del kilómetro 1878 del río Paraná. Sin embargo, ambos espécimenes que estaban a borde no acataron la género y comenzaron a huir entre la cubierta vegetal del cabo, con la voluntad de escurrirse. De cercano se inició una intensa acosa incluso que la escolta logró entorpecer a uno de los machos, de 20 años, y de procedencia argentina. En el interior del esquife, se hallaron tres mochilas de estopa que contenían 10 de 91,170 gramos de la ponzoña.

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