lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

The ugly behind the beautiful Selena Niall

One Direction cup holders on Monday with the probable formation of a new and unexpected couple has revolutionized the fans of the two components. Both directioners as Selenators must be hallucinating images after several of his followers yesterday shared in social networks where you can see the two celebrities, family and Niall Horan reabilitada and sexy Selena Gomez enjoying accomplices and Funny London night. One Direction do not know to what extent they meet with the Texan, but in light of these new photographs apparently yes that bore some rapport. Gomez was spotted at the airport on Friday, but no one imagined that their destination was none other than the land of the boyband and to meet one of them. The British ambassador must have had and took the girl Sunday night for several venues in the capital. And said and done, they have been quick to jump the rumors about whether it was really a date or just hanging out because they maintain a beautiful friendship. One Direction waste no time, and if girls within much less. Valentine's Day news broke Horan breaking with model Barbara Palvin ex Bieber, while attempts at reconciliation with the Canadian, and are history and have taken a toll on Selena who recently sicneró with your followers. But the star has already found a shoulder to mourn their heartache and forget the young artist. Will there come a spark between the two pop stars? Now they are both single, so everything can be.

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