domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

Finland launches fluorescent reindeer to prevent accidents

Finland launches "fluorescent reindeer" to prevent traffic accidents

Rudolph and competent. The famous red-nosed reindeer, star of several Christmas songs could lose his title of world's most famous reindeer. Do your opponents? Reindeer antlers fluorescent.

These reindeer, yes, they are flesh and blood and can be found in Finland. Shepherds of Lapland are spraying their reindeer with reflective paint so that they are not overwhelmed by drivers in the dark of night. The special paint has been tested in his fur and horns, to see if it stays in adverse weather conditions, as reported by local television station YLE. "The spray is being tested in the fur, but can be even more effective in the horns, because they can be viewed from all sides," says Anne Ollila, president of the Association of Reindeer Herdsmen. The trial began last week in the district of Rovaniemi, the capital of the region of Lapland. There the association applied the spray in 20 reindeer antlers. The association expects the spray becomes so useful that they can use throughout the region and all the reindeer from the youngest to the oldest.

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