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Cell regeneration, the way to end baldness

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania say they have managed to use stem cells to treat hair loss. Still lacking a little, but a cure for baldness is getting closer.
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There is hope, wacky friends. Baldness, it seems, is reversible. Our experiments revealed that American scientists using stem cells can lead to the regeneration of missing or dead hair follicles, which involves the recovery and arrest hair loss. This has been tested in mice and now just need a step - create the appropriate number of stem cells capable of generating hair follicles - so this test is applicable to humans.
The key cells to reverse baldness in humans are the epithelium, the set of tissues that cover the surface of the human body. Still have not been able to juegos friv generate all the necessary cells, the achievement is not far. "This is the first time anyone has been able to generate a considerable amount of epithelial stem cells," said Xiaowei Xu, an associate professor of dermatology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Penn. These cells have several important uses: healing wounds, cosmetic care of the body and hair regeneration.
What Xu and his team is able to reprogram adult stem cells with characteristics of embryonic cells, turning them into epithelial stem cells. It is the first time I realize this can be either in mice or in humans, the researchers reported. At this testearse mice, occurred in the skin follicles thereof, thereby generating new hair. Of course, missing a step: getting regenerate a second friv game  type of stem cell (dermal papillae), but a matter of time until the process is applied to persons.
"We have solved a big problem, restitution of the epithelial component of the hair follicular. Now we must figure out how cells also generate dermal papillae cells ". The effort of physicians, to continue in that line, will surely bring fruits, and restore hope to millions of people worldwide.

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