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Giro Government: short dialogue with Iran and close the

Giro Government: short dialogue with Iran and closer ties with Israel

a substantial change in its foreign policy, the government of Cristina Kirchner cooled in recent weeks their relationship with Iran and, in return, strengthened ties with Israel, historic enemy of the regime in Tehran. This shimmy in the diplomatic strategy of the government has as a backdrop the court case by the AMIA bombing.

According trusted the NATION five top-level diplomats, the Foreign Ministry has suspended dialogue with Iran to no response from the government of Hassan Rohani to move forward with the memorandum of understanding for the AMIA case. Foreign Minister Hector Timerman even admitted that dialogue with Iran over the controversial deal stalled. The Palacio San Martin said that in fact this means that diplomatic messages until December quietly kept both countries were cut.

This climate of coldness could clearly see last Tuesday, when the charge d'affaires of Iran in Buenos Aires, Ahmad Reza Kheirmand offered at Hotel Alvear a treat by the National Day of his country: there was not a single government official . Just a few second-line diplomats from the Foreign Ministry came to the place and admitted so low that the dialogue between Buenos Aires and Tehran "is broken."

In parallel, Argentina handed new bridges with Israel, clearing the climate of tension which until recently existed between the two countries ago.

There are several concrete signs that the link has improved substantially. Among other signals, high-level political visits are planned, there will be tasks for cooperation on human rights, a bilateral dialogue on legal matters and negotiations that would be realized by the purchase of Israeli military aircraft from Argentina.

The gestures of the Casa Rosada to Israel and Iran are interpreted by analysts as a sign of the lack of a uniform and clear foreign policy.

"There are very good weather with Israel and we are much better than before," said an aide to the NATION Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman. The "better than before" parameter used by the official Palacio San Martín has to do with stress than a month and a half ago broke with Tel Aviv. This was when former Israeli Ambassador Itzhak Aviran Buenos Aires said that "the vast majority of perpetrators [of the AMIA bombing] is already in the Other World", and attributed this action to the State.

At that time the government demanded Israel to deliver any information you have about the attack and called Timerman's sayings Aviran of "extremely serious". Immediately, Tel Aviv diplomacy made to understand that expressions of Argentina Aviran ran a personal basis and explained that "are far from the spirit that prevails in the Israeli government."

An Israeli diplomatic source consulted by La Nacion said that both countries had to overcome the incident sparked by the words of Aviran and remarked: "Israel and Argentina and march together towards a new stage of rapprochement."

To overcome by that time, the 18th of March come to Buenos Aires an official weight of strong government of Benjamin Netanyahu. Not yet learned the name and position of the envoy from Tel Aviv, but he knows that will come to participate in the commemoration of the 22 years of the attack on the Israeli Embassy in Argentina, which will be one day after the actual date terrorist attack that occurred in 1992.

The official visit of Netanyahu will also address a meeting with officials of the administration of Cristina Kirchner, to review the progress of bilateral relations.


Moreover, Israeli diplomacy qualified sources said that in the context of discussions on the multilateral Foreign Ministry and the Foreign Ministry of Israel moved into a cooperation agreement aimed at improving the situation of people with disabilities.

In this case, it is an agreement embodied in the human rights policy of the two countries and this will be presented in various international forums, both in Geneva and in New York, according to reports.

At the same time, both countries are preparing to August a seminar on legal affairs, which will develop themes such as combating terrorism and money laundering. There will involve judges, lawyers, academics and journalists from both countries. It will be a key for the two countries to analyze the progress of the judicial investigation into the cause of the attack on the AMIA time.

At the same time, it is possible that there the controversial memo that Argentina signed with Iran and was harshly criticized not only for Tel Aviv, but also by the Jewish community of Argentina emerge as debate.

Moreover, in the midst of the new approach of Argentina and Israel, the Casa Rosada advanced in recent weeks in the details of an agreement for the purchase by the Argentina of 18 Israeli Kfir aircraft Block 60 multipurpose fighter.

The Defense Ministry would purchase the company Israel Aerospace Industries six Israeli aircraft equipped with "the latest technology". Meanwhile, the other 12 Kfir Block 60 would be assembled in Argentina, with assembly line and Israeli technicians.

"We are considering offering Israel, which seems quite reasonable and satisfactory to Argentina," he told La Nacion an outstanding source of the Casa Rosada, also admitted that diplomatic relations with Israel have improved substantially, and as a contrast, the link with Iran deteriorated.

Since January 2013 gave Tehran shows no progress in the ratification of the memorandum by the AMIA, the Argentine Parliament endorsed later that year by law. At the Foreign Ministry are still waiting for Iran reversal send a letter to the ratification of this agreement. Although the chances of that happening are "uncertain," admitted since the agreement was signed by the Iranian government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but a few months later came to power Rohani, who has a different political line. For now, the only concrete is striking turnaround of Argentina in its foreign policy.


Memorandum of Understanding The January 27, 2013, Timerman and his Iranian counterpart Salehi, Ethiopia announced an agreement to create a Truth Commission, no concrete progress, the agreement appears to be frozen ..

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